Welders of all experience levels know the name Hobart because it makes some of the best welding supplies on the market, but this company is also responsible for making some of the world’s leading welding helmets too. Though many of these helmets use auto-darkening technology to keep arcs and flashes from blinding and damaging your eyes, Hobart also makes basic helmets that are great for recent graduates or those who weld as a hobby.

While it may lack the fun designs found on other helmets, the Hobart 770753 Pro Variable Auto-Dark Helmet is the best Hobart welding helmet for the money. It has a variable shade, a light shade and a 1/30,000 of a second response time. The helmet is also lightweight and has a grind mode.

Top 6 Products on the Market


1. Hobart 770753 Pro Variable

The Hobart 770753 Pro Variable Auto-Dark Helmet is part of the Pro series of helmets designed by Hobart for professionals who spend a lot of time working in the field. This helmet weighs less than 25 ounces and features a lightweight shell that won’t put undue stress on your neck and head.

It also has a headgear piece that Hobart created with comfort in mind, which adjusts to fit the around your head and across the top of your head.

Based on the ambient light around you, other helmets may detect sunlight or other welders and adjust the shade available, but this Pro Variable helmet has a sensitivity control that you can adjust based on that light.

It also has a delay control that lets you vary the delay, but no matter what delay you select, the helmet will still respond in 1/30,000 of a second.

The 9.02-square inch viewing area is large enough that you’ll never miss out on anything ever again. Though it relies on two batteries for power, Hobart designed those batteries to come out easily to help you replace them.

This helmet also comes with four built-in sensors rather than the two found on other helmets to do a better job of monitoring and detecting arcs.


2. Hobart 770754 Impact Agent Orange

If you want a helmet that will help you stand out on a construction site or when working around others, you won’t find a helmet that helps you stand out more than this Hobart 770754 Impact Agent Orange Variable Auto-Dark Helmet, which uses a vibrant orange color on the outside. Its design also incorporates swirls and other patterns in a darker blade shade as well as the Hobart name across the side.

The bright color of the helmet also ensures that welders and others working in the area can easily spot you.

The 7.05-square inch viewing area features clean lines around the edges that will never get in your way and a clear screen that reduces blurry spots. It comes with a number three light shade and a variable shade that adjusts between numbers eight and 13. Hobart guarantees that this helmet will respond to arcs in 1/25,000 of a second too.

An adjustable strap on the back of the helmet wraps around both the back and the crown of your head to keep the helmet from slipping as you bend or stretch.

The helmet also features a lightweight construction made from a type of polyamide that keeps you from overheating and also protects your head from crashes and impacts.


3. Hobart 770758 Impact Patriot3

Do you love the United States and everything about being an American citizen? When you head to work with this Hobart 770758 Impact Patriot3 Variable Auto-Dark Helmet on your head, you can show your coworkers that you support the nation.

This helmet pays homage to the American flag and features stripes in shades of red and white as well as white stars that pop against the dark blue color of the helmet.

Made from polyamide, the shell of this helmet is so lightweight that you can work for hours without feeling any fatigue. The curves of the helmet and the slope on the top also reduces the heat inside the helmet, which means you can work without the lens fogging up.

That lens gives you a viewing area of more than seven-square inches and works with the lens covers included in the box.

Designed to work with the magnifying lenses also produced by Hobart, this helmet is resistant to some of the impacts and bumps that you might experience during the workday.

The included headgear has a built-in ratchet for adjusting the fit of that headgear and changing the way the helmet sits before or after you put it on. It also features adjustment knobs that you can use with a gloved hand.


4. Hobart 770756 Impact Variable

When you spend time working on active sites, you probably worry about objects falling on your head or other injuries that can occur when you trip and fall, but this Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto-Dark Helmet is strong enough to withstand some of those impacts and help you stay on your feet.

The helmet has a solid black design with the Hobart logo in orange across the top to break up all that black. It has both a grind mode as well as a convenient shut off feature.

Included in the box is headgear that fits inside the helmet to keep it firmly on your head, and this strap sits on both the crown and back of your neck and comes with a ratcheting design for adjusting it. You also get a manual that shows you how to use all the features and extra lenses that you can use on the outside or inside.

The lithium ion battery that powers the helmet is easy to remove once it stops working.

A sensitivity control helps you adjust the sensitivity of the helmet based on the amount of ambient lighting available. This feature will also keep the helmet from adjusting its lens because its three sensors detect arcs created by others.


5. Hobart 770746 Helmet

Auto-darkening helmets like this Hobart 770746 Helmet with Black Auto-Dark Variable Shade work much better on crowded job sites than standard helmets do because these helmets have sensors that can spot arcs and jump into action faster than you can.

Designed to protect against both infrared flashes and ultraviolet arcs, this helmet will work with MIG and TIG welding and for grinding purposes. It even has a separate mode that will work with grinding applications.

Weighing just 18-ounces, this helmet uses a lightweight polyamide in its construction that brings down its overall weight and lets you work longer hours without feeling tired or experiencing pressure on your neck and shoulders. The helmet also has a slight curve or slope on the front that deflects some of the heat that might otherwise hit the helmet.

This can cut back on the fog you see on the lens as well as the heat you feel inside.

Its reaction time of 1/12,000 of a second is a little slower than some of the other Hobart helmets, but it still responds faster than cheaper helmets do. Inside the helmet is a lithium battery that Hobart includes to power the auto-darkening filter.

This helmet has a large 6.8-square inch viewing area over the lens too.


6. Hobart 770508 Value Pack

When you first finish a welding training program and have your certificate or diploma in hand, you need to invest in some tools and equipment like this Hobart 770508 Value Pack Helmet Kit. Though it isn’t the best welding helmet from Hobart, we wanted to include it on this list because it comes with other tools and supplies that you can use on the job.

You even get a reversible welding cap that you can wear under the helmet to protect your head and hair from arcs.

The helmet included in the value pack kit might remind you of those worn by welders in the past. This is a standard helmet that does not have an auto-darkening feature.

It does have knobs for lifting the helmet off your face while wearing gloves and a raised area on the top that deflects heat away from your body.

This helmet also features a small viewing area on the front that actually lifts up from the helmet to let you get a clear view of your finished project or a work in progress. Included in the kit are replacement welding lenses that will work with the lens on the helmet.

You also get a pair of heavy-duty welding gloves that match the colors used in the welding cap.


The Ultimate Winner is…

Buying a new welding helmet can easily cost hundreds of dollars or more, but we like that this Hobart 770753 Pro Variable Auto-Dark Helmet is an auto-darkening helmet that is affordable enough for most welders. With a response time of just 1/30,000 of a second, this helmet can respond and react before you even spot the arcs yourself. A shut off mode helps you more quickly turn the helmet off when you finish a job, and a grind mode lets you wear this helmet and protect your eyes when grinding.

At just over nine inches, the viewing area on this Hobart helmet is significantly larger than the industry standard and increases your peripheral view without adding side windows that can distract you. The helmet comes with a number three light shade and a darker variable shade that uses numbers eight through 13. It also has four sensors and removable lithium ion batteries.